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Nevis Weather

Nevis has always been windy !  Sometimes….Too Windy!!!

    Windsurfing has always been ideal because of Nevis’ situation in the Caribbean chain placing it in a most advantageous position to benefit from the North Easterly Trade Winds, back to the days of the tall ships that brought the first European visitors, through the era when Sugar Cane was king and windmills dotted the landscape……. Nevis has always been windy!

     Windsurfing is a sport that can be enjoyed by everyone male, female, young, old its about having fun and getting a little exercise, and, after all the wind is free!  You don’t have to be a Michael Phelps like super swimmer to be able to safely wind surf either.  Nevis has reefs that provide both protection inside for the windsurfing beginner and an exotic playground for the advanced windsurfing sailor, warm water, sandy beaches, palm trees, and glorious sunshine, it is little wonder that windsurfers come to Nevis to indulge in their sport of choice.  Nevis is also home to some great scuba diving and offers top notch diving training.  Whatever your water sport of choice is it is most likely great exercise.  Use this calorie burner calculator to learn how many calories you burn while enjoying your favorite water sport.

     Articles highlighting the windsurfing conditions on Nevis have been printed in magazines from France, Germany, England, Canada and the United States, all of which have helped to inform enthusiasts around the world of the existence of our tiny Island, and of the reception they are likely to receive should they venture to this way.  Most recently the top sail manufacturer in England, Tushingham Sails(UK)  shot their latest brochure off  these shores and the results have been used to full effect in their sales campaign, also up and coming music star ‘ MISHKA’ shot his first video on Nevis, featuring boards, sails from Windsurfing Nevis, and some of the superb conditions and local windsurfers to be found right here.  Of course you’ll want to look your best while on your board.  Nothing looks better than custom board shorts and a sharp pair of deck shoes.

     The technology surrounding this sport is often quite space age , however trends tend to reflect the grass roots all out enjoyment of the sport, the most recent trend is towards more freestyle competitions that do not demand such high end equipment but rather emphasizes the fun element plus skill. With this in mind Windsurfing Nevis is looking to promote Nevis as a testing ground for this new equipment and the use of the surrounding waters for regattas and competitions.

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